about us

The Company

Vanilla Baby is a premiere online store that procures fascinating natural organic cotton range of clothing and clothing accessories, etc. for the kids. Our products are manufactured in a strict eco-friendly process,without using any toxic chemical or artificial agent, right from the scratch. This way, the organization is contributing to the aspect of maintaining ecological balance as well.

As such, the products find an extensive market across Australia and New Zealand. Vanilla Baby procures certified organic cotton from small, non-commercial producers in Brazil, where highest ethical standards are maintained for producing the special category of fiber.

Vanilla Baby has also devised a unique packaging system of its manufactured products that ensures using totally bio-degradable components like cotton mesh and cellophane.

Maintaining a high quality of the products, as well as providing an excellent customer support, Vanilla Baby is becoming very solid on its market.

The Product

Our entire range of products is manufactured from completely natural cotton free from any chemical pigments or dyes. This way, we ensure your tiny ones get something that is totally safe on their sensitive skin. There is practically zero chance of allergies, eruptions and rashes on a child’s hypersensitive skin. On the other hand, our strategy – unlike other commercial manufacturing processes – maintains the balance of ecology, thus, contributing to preserving nature.

Our products provide ample comfort, high-end finishing and also add more elegance to every little toddler.


The Organic Cotton


Why organic?

Certified organic cotton is specially grown without applying any artificial insecticide and it also ensures there is no man-made, toxic coloring pigment, in all way through to the finished products. Researches reveal our bodies and especially, our skins are constantly fighting off the effects of toxic materials that come from the apparels we clad ourselves in. In the long run, these harmful agents take massive toll on our health, without us even knowing.

Organic cotton, being absolutely free of anything artificial and harmful, is nature’s gift to us to recover our natural immune system from the toxic impact of commercially grown fibers.

Growing the fiber in this natural condition causes a positive impact on the environment. It subscribes to natural fertility of the soil and also caters to the cause of biologically diverse agriculture.

The raw fiber that we use in manufacturing our products are most of them third-party certified, which ensures the entire process of the yield strictly follows the standards of organic production.


What is naturally colored cotton?

Cotton fibers retaining their natural pigments are called naturally coloured cotton. The shades owe their origin to the fiber’s natural genetic traits. As such, this type of cotton, when used in fabric manufacturing, does not require to be dyed artificially. These colours do not wear away easily as a result of laundering. Rather, regardless of how many washes, the colours will keep their natural initial characteristics.

Naturally-grown cotton has an exceptionally soft texture and as such, has attained a well-defined niche in the commercial market throughout Australia.